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Fall Lawn Care

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

With fall approaching soon, NOW is the best time to get a start on your fall lawn maintenance. At Alpha Lawn Care, we recommend these three steps to get your lawn in tip top shape and ready for the spring!

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  1. Fall Clean up.

- Trim Shrubs

- Prune branches and limbs

- Thin out bulb plants

- Weed flower beds and prepare for winter

- Mulch tree rings and flower beds

- Fertilize Trees and shrubs.

2.Leaf Removal.

- Blow leaves, clean gutters, remove excess leaves and debris, mow and mulch leaves

3.Lawn Aeration

- Lawn Aeration will add oxygen into the root systems of lawn.

- Reduces water run off and puddling.

- Enhance heat and drought tolerance.

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